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infographic EMVCo 3.0 - 6 tips to get approved

EMVCo 3.0 - From Zero to Hero:
6 Tips on How to Pass the Approval


Get firsthand information about the changes introduced by EMVCo 3.0 and 6 tips to get approved. Learn, that this update impacts first of all new terminal developments and analog testing. In contrast, mobile and card approvals will be simpler. Benefit from smart approaches to master compliance for new implementations of EMVCo 3.0 and become a hero!


  • EMVCo 3.0 - Why?

  • EMVCo 3.0 - When?

  • What´s New for 3.0?

  • What Are the Biggest Changes for Terminal Approval?

  • How to Comply – 6 Tips on How to Get Your Terminal Approved

  • What Changes with 3.0 for Mobiles and Cards?
Be a hero of EMVCo 3.0!

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