EMVCo PCD Analog Starter Set Setup

EMVCo PCD Analog Starter Set

EMVCo PCD Analog Testing Fast & Friendly to the Budget

Since EMVCo 3.0 will be mandatory starting January 2020,  new test requirements impact your NFC payment reader solutions. Hence, RF antenna design and EMVCo PCD Analog testing have become more complex. This is due to three new EMV® TEST PICCs (Proximity Integrated Circuit Card) compared to one test antenna used so far (version 2.6b). This triples the number of test scenarios, some are even six fold. Even if you only check some critical positions, you must execute a high number of test scenario. Therefore automation with a robot is helpful. So far this was only available with costly high-end conformance test solutions like those in accredited laboratories. Now, EMVCo PCD Analog testing is available for each R&D team, with the smallest setup using cost-efficient, yet calibrated hardware. Finally, this solution is one of the fastest: get confident for the lab approval in half of the time - and, launch your product earlier!



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