How to Verify Profiles on eSIM Devices

Testing the downloaded eSIM profile in a device?

As an MNO or MVNO you have to make sure that profiles are downloaded and processed correctly in an eSIM. Because only with properly installed profiles, the devices will behave correctly in your network. Testing this can be very tricky – depending on the given conditions.

With eUICC Profile Manager this is just a piece of cake!

No matter if the eSIM is already part of the device or not – or if you have to work with live or test certificates. All cases are equally easy to test!

Here’s our quick profile check for a device with an eSIM:


  1. Connect eUICC Profile Manager to your network
  2. Start the 'Explorer' function
  3. Compare the original profile with the profile installed on the eSIM of the device
If both profiles match: Great! If not: All differences are indicated and you can immediately start fixing the bugs.




3 Key Reasons Why You Should Compare with eUICC Profile Manager


  • Test via your well-known standard interface: your network


  • Works with any device – no device-specific restrictions


  • Keep it simple: no additional app or configuration necessary

Testing eSIMs in a lab environment?

eUICC Profile Manager is the perfect tool to put eSIMs – soldered or not – to the acid test in a lab.

You are just at the start of testing?

No problem at all! eUICC Profile Manager is a modular tool, which allows you to buy only those components that are necessary for your current tests. And if you need to extend your range of tests later, you can simply add further components.

Not fully convinced?

Get in touch with us via or be quick and order our free trial package to get a firsthand impression. We just need a few details to get you started.




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