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Conformance Testing of LTE Cat M1 Modules and Terminals

LTE Cat M1 (also known as LTE-M or eMTC) is a low-power wide area network (LPWAN) designed to connect a high volume of M2M devices in the Internet of Things (IoT). It combines a latency below 100 ms with very low energy consumption. As the name suggests, it is compatible with the cellular LTE network. Core and test specifications for this technology are defined by 3GPP.

LTE Cat M1 test solutions validated by GCF and PTCRB

IoT terminals and modules require the certification by GCF and PTCRB in order to use this network technology. This implies that they pass the relevant tests according to release 13 and later:

  • 3GPP TS 31.121 for USIM
  • 3GPP TS 31.124 for USAT

The GCF/PTCRB-validated test platform is based on COMPRION SIMfony, the most popular conformance test platform for combined handset testing of the UICC interface in mobile devices. The version used for LTE Cat M1 testing is COMPRION SIMfony CMW500, which is listed at GCF and PTCRB as TP 150.

Minimize energy consumption with Power Saving Mode (PSM) and Extended Discontinuous Reception (eDRX)

3GPP requires the terminals that implement PSM or eDRX functionality to be thoroughly tested from release 14 on. COMPRION took the lead by creating the corresponding test cases. The validation of the COMPRION tests initiated the activation of the GCF work item WI-301-M.  Thus, the tests have become part of the GCF certification program. And PTCRB, the North American counterpart, has also added the tests to their certification program (RFT).

Carrier-specific LTE Cat M1 test solution

Verizon Wireless has defined their own test plans to assure compliance between components using LTE Cat M1 technology:

  • LTE_Device-UICC-ISIM_Interaction_Test_Plan
  • LTE_Device-UICC_USIM-ISIM_Interaction_for_Band_4 Test Plan
  • LTE_Device-SIM_Application_Interaction_Test_Plan

The Verizon Cat-M1 solution provided by COMPRION is based on COMPRION SIMfony CMW500 Verizon. The following platforms in the Verizon test equipment list can be used for LTE Cat M1 certification: COM3, COM4, COM6, COM7, and COM9.

Test Solutions for LTE Cat M1 Testing



GCF/PTCRB Validated Test Platform

The most popular conformance test platform for combined handset testing of the UICC interface of mobile devices is covering all relevant tests for the certification of IoT modules designed according to the Cat M1 standard.

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COMPRION Simfony CMW500 Verizon

COMPRION Simfony CMW500 Verizon

Carrier Specific Test Solution

The Verizon Cat M1 solution is available in combination with IT³ Prove or UT³ Platform and R&S CMW500 network simulator.

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COMPRION SIMfony Accesories

COMPRION SIMfony Accesories

Aadaptors, cables, test SIMs, etc.

Helpful connectors to link the device under test with COMPRION test devices

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GCF Work Items (WI)PTCRB Request for Testing (RFT)
Covered USIM Test Specifications
3GPP TS 31.121WI-125(M), WI-301-MRFT 085, RFT 104
WI-160 (applicable according to Note 20 of Annex F.2 to GCF Certification Criteria)RFT 029
Covered USAT Test Specifications
3GPP TS 31.124WI-137(M), WI-230(M), WI-301-MRFT 092, RFT 102
WI-035 (applicable according to Note 20 of Annex F.2 to GCF Certification Criteria)RFT 058

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