CR 12 - New NFC Forum Certification Release

NFC Forum, EMVCo, and ISO/IEC are providing different specifications for conformance testing of NFC-enabled systems. The latest official version of NFC Forum is Certification Release (CR) 11.1. Due to COVID-19 the next release CR 12 has been re-scheduled NFC Forum to late summer 2020. 

With CR 12, NFC Forum will make great progress towards harmonization of test requirements with EMVCo and ISO/IEC, especially for analog testing. Thus is it a major update. But what are the changes coming with this new release? How will they affect the components of the test setup?


Maximum Field Strength

One of the most impacting requirements changed in CR 12 is the new maximum field strength value for analog measurements (up to 12 A/m).

8-Shaped Coil Antenna

The request for antennas sensing extremely low signals has led to a new generation of stand-alone antennas, so-called 8-shaped coil antennas.

READER (Tag Operation) Tests

The new READER tests (part of the tag operation tests) have been redefined. Now, the test tool is going to simulate a real tag, which will lead to more realistic test results.

Aligned Reference Antennas

NFC Forum has aligned the reference antenna receiver with the ISO and EMVCo standards. Thus, three new Listener antennas come with this update.


4 Steps to Get a Fully-Fledged Test Setup for CR 12

1: Choose CR 12-compliant hardware1: Choose CR 12-compliant hardware

1: Choose CR 12-compliant hardware


Our newest NFC Forum Test Solutions are compliant with CR 12.
For existing customers there are three different options to obtain a compliant test platform.


2: Add software frames & licenses2: Add software frames & licenses

2: Add software frames & licenses


Update your Device Test Center with the newest release and add the required licenses:

  • Analog Scope
  • Contactless (NFC) Simulation (analog)
  • Contactless (NFC) Simulation (digital)


3: Add test benches3: Add test benches

3: Add test benches


There are several new test benches and updates offered for testing universal devices, readers, and tags according to NFC Forum CR 12.


4: Add accessories4: Add accessories

4: Add accessories


With our CR 12-compliant test solution, we provide several new components, most of them antennas with enhanced performance, sensitivity, and measuring range.


Get Ready for CR 12

In order to get our customers ready for CR 12, we are providing the required hardware and software components. Even those customers, whose test equipment has been compliant with the latest NFC Forum standards, have to take measures to adapt to the CR 12 test requirements. As our former conformance test platform UT³ Platform 3.0 is not fully compliant with the requirements of CR 12, we offer several options to get this issue fixed.

Contact us for receiving the the "CR 12 Upgrade Guide" by filling out the form on the right. It has all details including item numbers.



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