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Tracking down the causes of faulty communication

You may already value MiniMove as a mobile trace tool to spy into the communication between a (U)SIM and a mobile device. If this is true, then you know that Interoperability Test Center as the GUI offers specific views of the traced data, and you can choose the most appropriate view for the analysis of your individual task: Protocol Layer, Transport Layer, Application Layer, Remote Application Management view and others.

Now there is a new view that allows you to get specific information even on bit level:
the Physical Layer view
. With this view, you can see the bits of each transferred byte!

As all layer views are synchronized with each other, a single click is sufficient to zoom into your errors up to the bit level or to show exactly the bytes containing an error as displayed in the following example:

Figure: A double click on the detected error in the Info view leads you directly to the faulty byte in the Physical Layer view (marked yellow).

With the new Physical Layer, you now have the chance to identify the bytes that are causing parity errors or wrong check sums; or you get a quick indication of timing issues (response times, delays).

Key Benefits

  • Protocol analysis & error detection down to bit level (ISO 7816, SWP, IC-USB)
  • Measurement of every timing in your communication in ns, µs, ms, or etu
  • Synchronization of all views: Jump between communication layers with a single mouse click

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