COMPRION sees us as valuable, productive employees. The company's commitment to train us well is very strong.

COMPRION sees us as valuable, productive employees. The company's commitment to train us well is very strong.

Svenja & Malte, Trainees at COMPRION

Interview with Svenja and Malte

Apprentices at COMPRION

Svenja (21) and Malte (33) started their apprenticeships as industrial clerk and IT specialist for application development at COMPRION GmbH in 2021. In this interview, they talk about the start of their training, their impressions at the company and their plans for the future.

How did you hear about COMPRION?

Malte: Before I started my training at COMPRION, I worked for ten years as an instructor in the German armed forces and then wanted to change careers. After starting studies in business administration and marketing, I realized that an apprenticeship would suit me better. I decided to do this in the field of information technology, which also interested me in my leisure time.

Svenja: After graduating from high school, I went to the USA for one year. From there, I started looking for an apprenticeship for the time after my stay in America and came across COMPRION in the job advertisements of the employment agency.


Malte, let's talk again about your previous job as an instructor in the German armed forces. What has changed?

Malte: Of course, my previous job consisted of more exercise and time in the open air, as well as many exciting experiences. However, working at COMPRION gives me more flexibility and freedom to spend time with my family. The interaction with each other is simply much more personal and the hierarchies in the company are flat.

What were your personal reasons for training at COMPRION?

Svenja: At the time, I applied from the USA, which is why my application process was completely online. That was an important point for me, of course. My contact person was always available for me and very reliable. During my interview, which also took place online, I was particularly impressed by the relaxed atmosphere and the direct personal contact with the company's directors.

Malte: COMPRION was the company that responded the fastest to my application. I was directly offered an internship, where I was able to convince them. I already had a traineeship in February, while other companies were just processing my application.

What were your expectations or fears before you started your training? Were they confirmed?

Malte: Because of my age, I was naturally concerned about whether I had really found the right thing for me. However, I hoped that the training would continue what I had already experienced during my internship. I had liked that very much and it proved to be true.

Svenja: Of course, you always have a bit of respect for new paths you take. As the apprenticeship was my first real step into the professional world, I first asked myself whether I could do it at all and whether it was the right thing to do. I can now say that these fears have not been confirmed in any way.

What is it like for you as trainees? How was the start of your apprenticeship?

Malte: It was challenging, but not too challenging, because there was a lot of new information. However, I found my way into the new working environment because we were given a lot of time to get used to it.

Svenja: I was allowed to visit the company before I started my training. That made it a little easier for me to get started, because I had already met a few of my colleagues. But I see it similarly to Malte: You grow with your tasks and then find your way into professional life.

How do you feel about the way the company treats you?

Svenja: I think I can speak for both of us in that you are not treated as a trainee who has to make coffee all day. COMPRION sees us as valuable, productive employees. The company's commitment to train us well is very strong.

What is COMPRION to you? What sets COMPRION apart from other companies?

Malte: For me, it's clearly the technological focus that's interesting, because here we are at the base of communications technology, at the interface where analog electrical signals are converted into digital information. It's just a technically interesting and challenging environment to work on here. It's a little different from developing accounting software.

Svenja: I think what particularly stands out is the international representation and importance of COMPRION, even though this is a supposedly small local company from Paderborn.

Where do you see yourselves after the training?

Malte: Probably in development, but I'm sure I'll stay with COMPRION.

Svenja: I think that I will study after finishing my apprenticeship, which is made possible in a very uncomplicated way here parallel to my job.

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