Working at COMPRION gives me the chance to actively contribute to the development of the company.

Working at COMPRION gives me the chance to actively contribute to the development of the company.

Claudia Korth, Management Secretary at COMPRION

Interview with Claudia Korth

COMPRION via detours

Claudia (49) is a qualified dental assistant and came to COMPRION via detours. After working as a shipping clerk for 9 years, she was offered a job as management secretary. In our interview she is talking about her experiences, new challenges and opportunities as well as about the cooperation with her colleagues.

Claudia, what do you think about COMPRION?

Flexible and trust-based working hours, part-time models - the company adjust to your life not the other way around, further training and free drinks (laughs). 


What do you think about COMPRION as an employer? 

You have a lot of freedom here and feel very comfortable. At COMPRION you are allowed to have your own opinion. If you say, that you don't necessarily want to pursue a career, that is all right, as long as you do your job properly. It is also accepted if one says that life is not all about the profession, because that does not mean that you're doing a worse job. At COMPRION you can be, who you are. 

Do you have an example for that?

Yes, for example, when you have family members who are in need of care, you can - in consultation, of course- reduce your working hours. There is always the will to look for possibilities, how it will work out. There are employees, who reduce their working hours before their retirement to get used to the upcoming changes or women, who come back after maternity leave. They may want to work less hours first, but still stay in the job and be supportive. That is pretty important for us women. The company adapts to each individual employee. 

Do you feel involved at COMPRION?

You always get the feeling, that you can move on with COMPRION. Ideas are always taken seriously and perhaps will be implemented. Everybody gets the opportunity to give impulses. The cooperation is just great. When yuo need help, you get. It doesn't matter if you get help from colleagues or by the management. It is great that everybody can utter their problems and a solution will be sought. COMPRION cares for the well-being of their employees and we all have a voice. The trust, which is offered to the employees at COMPRION, is huge. 

Was the trust curcial to face new challenges for you?

Yes, it was indeed. When I was asked to take over the secretary for the management at the end of last year, I was very happy. This shows that they trust my competences. I really appreciate this possibility. This new job means going back to the roots for me, as I worked as a secretary before. It also involves more contact with the other employees again. That's great for me. I'm now connecting the management board and the employees. I really like this new challenge and am really looking forward to future projects!