Working at COMPRION gives me the chance to balance my family life and my professional career.

Working at COMPRION gives me the chance to balance my family life and my professional career.

Oliver Linse, Project Manager at COMPRION

Interview with Oliver Linse

About Work-Life Balance at COMPRION

Oliver Linse (48) started working at COMPRION as a developer in 2009. As a father of two kids, he is trying to reconcile his family and his working life. In our interview, he reveals how he manages the work-life balance and how COMPRION is supporting him. 


Oliver, what are you doing at COMPRION and when did you start working here?

I started working at COMPRION in 2009. Originally, I was supposed to take a position between the development department and the production. But I didn't really get there. I worked in the development department and started constructing prototypes for our test tools. This was a very complex task and it took a while to learn the ropes as I didn't know neither the tools nor the coding. Unfortunately, this job didn't suit me so I quit after nine months. However, before I left, I was offered a job in the operations department. So, the company was trying to retain and support me. I was responsible for production engineering and additionally took over quality management for the calibration lab. In this context, I also changed some small things in the coding. Therefore, I had to learn some computer languages I didn't know before.

How did your journey at COMPRION continue?

I was asked by the management board whether I wanted to support COMPRION in a new project which would enable me to enhance some of my skills and competences. I got an overview how a project is proportioned, allocated to the employees, and joined together in the end. For the implementation of the project, I had to learn new programming languages. I was very proud and motivated to face the new challenges, because it showed that the management valued my work.



Your job is marked by a lifelong learning process, isn't it?

Yes, it is indeed. However, it is not a boring kind of learning like it was in school. Here you learn about interesting topics and you can see how they develop. For me it is a huge difference whether you have to learn boring stuff or whether you're working towards a common goal. This makes it much easier and much more interesting, especially when it is a new topic. I consider this as a challenge.

Later on, I have been offered to join to a newly created department, to continue supporting COMPRION with this project. I decided to accept this offer, as I have a lot of fun learning and programming new things and making them work. The advantage of this department is that it is still new and can evolve in all directions. I personally think that a healthy mix of programming, learning, and project management is most interesting for me. COMPRION gives everyone the opportunity to further their personal development.

What do you like about COMPRION?

At COMPRION, we are working together in a very friendly way and with a flat hierarchy. This relaxed interaction has also a positive effect on our work. 

And the working hours are absolutely great and handled very flexible. This gives me the opportunity to actively work on my career, but also watch my son growing up. 

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