Working at COMPRION gives me the chance to put my international business studies into practice.

Working at COMPRION gives me the chance to put my international business studies into practice.

Volker Behnke, Junior Controller at COMPRION

Interview with Volker Behnke

Career start - the easy way

Volker (30) worked as working student at COMPRION for 5 years. After finishing his International Business studies he was offered a job as project assistant. Now he is building his own business segment. In the interview he is talking about his exciting career path at COMPRION.

How did you come to COMPRION?

Before I started working at COMPRION I took an apprenticeship as an industrial salesman. I completed that in February 2010 and in the following summer I wanted to begin my studies. However, the course I wanted to take was only offered during the winter semester. It was actually luck and chance that I heard about a vacancy at the reception at COMPRION from acquintances. At that time the job was closely linked to the marketing. Therefore, it was a good opportunity to bridge the time until my studies should start in winter. 

What were your tasks as a working student in the marketing department?

At the beginning I did some research work on our competitors, press portals and other topics. I also worked on the glossary of our website. Later on, after I worked in the company for some month, I started working on planning and preparing trade shows. I created crew maps and booked hotels and flights. After the trade shows I had to reprocess them. The linked contacts had to be entered into the database. The trade show and lead sheets had to get evaluated.

How does it feel to work as a working student at COMPRION?

Due to the familiar environment, you do not necessarily feel like a working student in other companies. I feel like a part of the team and was directly intergrated into the team. From the start I felt welcome and everybody treated me nice and friendly. I also felt accepted and equal to the others. Just as a part of the whole company, with my own tasks and responsibilities. I like it when my tasks were not only enterainment for me but contribute to the company. When I work on something, that is important for the company and I can advance the company, that means responsibilty to me. In my opinion, I am much more motivated when I am responsible for something, because I want to justify this responsibilty. 

How did your job develope after your time as a working student?

After I completed my studies, I was thinking about my future career and where I might work. As I felt very comfortable at COMPRION they were, of course, my first contact. The only problem was, that COMPRION was not known as a typical commercial company. Most of the employees are engineers, who work in the IT or electrical engineering sector. Just a small part of the employees work in the commercial sector. That's why I thought it could be difficult to find a job in the company. Then a vacancy as sales assistant was announced and I submitted my application. One of the product unit managers came to me and offered me job. We discussed the details and he introduced me to his concept. He explained to me, that he needed support in the product developement and wanted to introduce a cost controlling in his business unit. This sounded pretty interesting to me. We negotiated about the details and then it was pretty clear to me, that I would like to stay. This job was completely new, as there was no controlling in the way it is now at COMPRION.

That felt good, doesn't it?

Yeah, it felt great indeed. Before his job offer I had only dealt with the head of this product unit elusive, as I just executed some small things for him. We have known each other of course, but I had nothing to do with his department at all. I was highly surprised and had not expected it, especially as the position was one that was not even expelled yet. That was, of course, an honor for me, because someone must have said: "Go ahead and ask Volker about it! He's a good one (laughs)." There must have been a recommondation at any case. It was definitely a very good feeling. I noticed, that I was perceived by others. I also like that there is always the attempt to give jobs tin interns first. 

What is your vision and perspective about yourself in this company? Where are you going with COMPRION?

That's a good question. My hope is, that we can be able to expand the field of controlling some more and adopt it to the other departments, as well. In this context, I would like to support the other units and help them to implement and push this area some more. Not only in the product developement. 

One final question: What is COMPRION to you?

For me personally, COMPRION is a place I like to go to and I like to work at. I often hear people complaining about how reluctantly they go to work. Of course, I like staying at home or go on vacation. But I also like going to work. Getting up early is more of a problem than the fact that I have to go to work. However, due to the flexibile working hours I can come and go whenever I like, so that I can also sleep in sometimes. That is COMPRION for me.