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September 12, 2014

COMPRION Expands its Scope of Approved Test Tools Within NFC Forum

The NFC Forum has confirmed COMPRION’s proven UT³ Platform as an Approved Test Tool for LLCP and SNEP certification testing. Just after delta validation for the NFC Forum's Digital Protocol was achieved, another protocol layer has now been validated for LLCP and SNEP, so that the universal conformance solution by the high-quality provider from Germany is up to date for certification testing of both.

LLCP (Logical Link Control Protocol) and SNEP (Simple NDEF Ex-change Protocol) are applicable to the peer-to-peer mode of Near Field Communication. In contrast to the unilaterally driven communication of reader/writer mode, here data of any kind may be exchanged dynamically in both directions. For example, the simple and fast transmission of Wi-Fi parameters over NFC takes place this way. In this process, the protocol layer creates a bidirectional communication channel between equal communication participants.

“NFC services are becoming more and more diverse and efficient, and two-way communication is the cornerstone of extended functionality,” states Paula Hunter, Executive Director of the NFC Forum. “In order for vendors to offer attractive, smoothly running NFC services now and in the future, it is essential to quickly uncover error sources within all protocol layers prior to product deployment. Here, COMPRION’s UT³ Platform makes an important contribution.”

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