February 07, 2019

No More Interoperability Issues with eSIMs and Profiles

On the World eSIM Summit from February 7–8, 2019 in Brussels, COMPRION is going to present a unique test service. This independent service helps eUICC manufacturers and MNOs by testing real eSIMs and profiles against each other, thus detecting and resolving compatibility issues in time.

What's the Problem?

„As more and more smartphones and smartwatches with eSIMs are coming to the market, we are frequently contacted by network providers who have problems integrating the devices into the network“, explains Dr. Frank 0berhokamp, Business Development Manager with COMPRION. “The problems occur mostly if eSIM and profile are not from one and the same manufacturer.“

Theoretically, one should think that profiles and eSIMs that conform to the specifications work together without any problem. However, the real world is much more complex. “Different interpretations on part of the developers and MNO-specific business cases that cannot be covered 100% by any specification  lead to actual interoperability issues“, so Oberhokamp.


The Solution: Independent Testing Service

Therefore, COMPRION is now offering the Test2Match service that identifies and resolves interoperability issues easily and at an early stage. Based on a continuously growing pool of real eSIMs and MNO profiles, the new COMPRION service consists of test, analysis, and reporting. Here, eSIMs and profiles are tested against each other using software and special checks. One the one hand, it is checked if the profile is designed correctly and runs on different eUICCs as expected. On the other hand, it is verified if an eUICC correctly interprets different profiles thus creating the right content and the right configuration. If errors occur, it is possible to consult an expert who supports with the problem solution.



Why Using Test2Match?

For eUICC manufacturers and profile creators, it is usually difficult to obtain the real profiles and eUICCs of the corresponding other party. This means that you only verify just one eUICC or profile, and secondly, the profiles contain credentials that you are not able nor willing to disclose. Consequently, the independent COMPRION Test2Match service that operates on a large number of different eSIMs and profiles has a concrete added value, because it guarantees worldwide interoperability.


Where to Get More Information?

Whoever wishes to get information concerning this new service should come by the COMPRION booth at the World eSIM Summit. In order to highlight the topic of interoperability issues between eSIMs and profiles from different viewpoints, on Feb. 8 at 9:20 a.m., COMPRION Marketing Director Hajo Sandschneider will hold a talk titled “Is the RSP Eco System at Risk?“

Learn more here.

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