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eSIM, Secure Element, Digital Key & eCall

What is a connected car?

When your car goes online for navigation, entertainment, or phone calls, it connects to the mobile network via an embedded SIM. To optimize the flow of traffic or prevent accidents, connecting to all surrounding objects and infrastructure necessary. This type of "V2X" or "vehicle-to-all" connection is worked in in 5G networks.

Smarter mobility

More and more people would like to use their car as a kind of "smart home". As everyone wishes to make life more comfortable, quick control over all functions of a car seems to be natural.

What do connected cars, 5G, eSIM, Secure Element, IoT, and NFC have in common?

Just look at your smartphone: many devices already use all these technologies today! If you make a call, the mobile network moving to 5G routs it. When connecting to a network, the SIM or eSIM inside your phone is your anchor for security – a Secure Element. In case your health tracker prompts you to move, it's IoT – Internet of Things. After practice, you are thirsty and pay for a drink with your smartphone - by NFC.

Smartphones make car connectivity tangible

If your next appointment is a one-hour drive away, you get in the car with your smartphone. Inside, you put the phone on the console. The built-in NFC reader checks your digital key on the phone, in a Secure Element. You start the engine, and the car is connecting to the internet with 5G. After exchanging traffic information, it spots an accident on your route. But don't worry: an eCall made help arrive as fast as possible.


Connected Car - Reliable Connectivity?

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All components in connected cars must work without delay and in an extremely reliable way. COMPRION offers powerful test tools for:

  • 4G and 5G mobile connectivity - interchange fast and safely via V2X communication and NB-IoT
  • Secure Elements/eSIM - integrate in-vehicle systems seamlessly
  • Digital key  -  access and start a car by smartphone or any key token using NFC in doors and consoles
  • ERA-GLONASS - RSP certification for emergency call systems based on the GOST R specifications

Validate the embedded Secure Element

Integrating an eSIM into a TCU (Telematic Control Unit) can prove to be a complex task. Especially, if you must make sure that it connects correctly to the mobile network, reliability is key. Speed up verification with COMPRION test solutions! Easily find the right test package for validating your ECUs as fully interoperable components for all cellular networks.

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Switch eSIM Profiles in Telematic Control Units

Maintain the firmware of TCUs throughout the lifetime of any vehicle by performing over-the-air (OTA) updates. Remote SIM provisioning (RSP) tools help to control these updates. Hence, they can verify that your eSIM connectivity chain works as intended. If your TCU needs to switch to another network operator throughout a car´s lifetime, make sure it works correctly.

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Testing NFC in Car Access Solutions

How to make sure that your car access solution works with every smartphone or key device? Perfectly prepare approval according to the new device classes for CCC Digital Key by NFC Forum. Secure it with the only validated test tool! Do you require comprehensive insights during end-to-end interoperability testing? Get to know the NFC sniffer TraceCase.

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Testing 5G Connectivity

While on the road, a connected car depends on seamless access to a mobile network. Thus, all V2X (vehicle-to-everything) modules need fast and safe 5G access. Learn how to test cellular connectivity for better driver assistance, car OEM services, telematics, and infotainment solutions.

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Please note: As soon as you watch the video, information about it is transmitted to YouTube. You can find more information about this under read more
Testing the digital key

We support the development of tomorrow's technologies so that you can forget about your car keys in the future!


Connectivity Test Expert

From 2G to 5G, COMPRION test tools have one of the biggest test coverage for certification. Thus, ensure  mobile network connectivity.

Car Access with NFC

Prove interoperability of your digital key and access solution by an NFC Forum approval & sniff into the communication with our smart tracing tool TraceCase.

Speed up Testing

Spot any root cause by checking all interfaces. Combine test tools for 5G, eSIM/Secure Element, and NFC with built-in expertise to find answers faster.

Testing OTA

Test over-the-air communication without network simulator. Assure switch of network operators during lifetime. Translate OTA messages over all channels.


eUICC Profile Manager

Manage embedded SIMs (eUICCs) throughout their entire life cycle.

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RSP M2M Platform

The flexible platform for simulating M2M remote SIM provisioning scenarios.

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COMPRION Network Bridge

The cost-effective way to test your RSP back-end servers against the eSIM.

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iSIMconnect logo

iSIM Connect

Allows you to connect an iSIM seamlessly to COMPRION RSP test tools - as if it was a real SIM card.

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The free-of-charge viewer software for results recorded with COMPRION RSP tools.

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File Tree Express

Cruise all files on a Secure Element in card format and save time using wizards for creating file structures.

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Consumer Devices Test eUICC

Test eSIMs

High-Quality, unsoldered eSIMs for testing of M2M and consumer devices.

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Reliably connect to any type of Secure Element or eSIM component, for example, to read OTA messages!

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Fast answer to NFC queries with a pocket sniffer controlled by an app - in the car or in the lab!

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COMPRION’s ultra-compact tracer for all contact-based UICC interfaces.

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NFC Robot for NFC Forum Analog Testing

NFC Forum Test Solutions

NFC Forum approval to read any smartphone at the door or on the console.

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Technology Training

Speed up and increase your skills regarding the eSIM connectivity chain & NFC technology. We offer both basic modules, that explain the technology from the ground up, as well as trainings for more in-depth topics. Our technology experts will adapt your individual training to your needs. Learn more & book your face-to-face or remote training session here:

Training Academy


Monitor and Exchange Soldered SIMs Fast with eUICC Profile Manager

Learn how to make sure that the wireless module of your ECU works with various eSIMs, even from different suppliers.

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Automotive Ready for Digitlal Key

COMPRION is the first test tool manufacturer to receive validation for the new NFC Forum certification release CR13

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COMPRION & Anritsu Launch the World's First USIM/USAT Test Platform for 5G

COMPRION and Anritsu are proud to announce the worldwide release of the first test platform for USIM/USAT handset testing within the 5G New Radio (NR) Network.

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