Mobile Device Certification

Confident of Connecting?Imagine landing in a foreign country on a plane. As soon as you switch on your smartphone after reaching the parking position, it connects to a foreign network. What makes you confident that this works without any issues? How does your device work the same at home and abroad? COMPRION answers with the technical insight and background information. Thus, you can learn, how to make people put confidence in your solution for connecting them to any network worldwide: In a nutshell  – with the help of mobile device certification.


Perfect Understanding Between Device, (e)SIM & Network

Make mobile device, (e)SIM, and network understand each other 

Mobile device manufacturers often do not know which network operator their customers will choose. They also cannot test all (e)SIMs. Therefore, worldwide standards have been introduced to counter this problem. These standards define protocols for clear communication and thus ensure harmonized technical behavior.

Why mobile device certification?

Only if the device and the (e)SIM work together flawlessly, a successful access to a network is possible. The certification of mobile devices is therefore essential for their success. We have been working closely with standardization bodies for years and always strive to have the first and best solution on the market.


Certification for Global Market Access

Both, PTCRB and the Global Certification Forum (GCF), are industry certification bodies for telecommunications. Their product approvals open global market access for mobile devices. GCF group their lists of tests in so-called work items, for example, WI-508-NR for USIM interworking with 5G. In contrast, PTCRB uses the term requests for testing (RFT). The certification tests are executed on GCF-/PTCRB-validated test platforms (TPs).

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Mobile IoT Connected with LTE-M and NB-IoT

If you are in a distant place, the mobile network often is the only connection available. Be it the soil sensor  or the advanced metering infrastructure: all need a reliable connection for their service. How to give them a long life and reliable connectivity? How to save power and address low data rates? And, what about 5G? LTE-M and NB-IoT answer this with networks optimized for IoT plus a path into 5G! Speed up market access with COMPRION SIMfony.

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Data Log & Analysis

Provide fast and exact answers with our tools for data logging and analysis. Give evidence by sniffing into the communication between the mobile device and the secure element. Prove that your implementation is correct. Built-in automated evaluation according to international standards. Detect the root cause of errors by analyzing the analog signals and by interpreting the recorded bytes.

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We stand out with one of the highest coverage of GCF test cases in the market.


UT³ Platform is the the only solution for electrical tests of WI-005 and WI-160!


Automate and accelerate: from test plan setup to Terminal Automation Provider!


Experienced in contribution to standardization such as 3GPP and certification like GCF & PTCRB.


UT³ Platform

The universal conformance tool for combined handset testing including SWP/HCI.

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Prove 2

The pre-conformance tool for almost all tests of COMPRION SIMfony excluding analog.

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Popular conformance test platform for certifying mobile devices at GCF/ PTCRB.

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Device Test Center

The all-in-one control software for mobile device certification including COMPRION SIMfony.

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Get all needed adaptors, antennas, holders, cables directly in our webshop.

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"We put our customers in pole position for the certification of their devices ."

"We put our customers in pole position for the certification of their devices ."

Udo Willenbrink, Product Manager Mobile Network Test Solutions



5G offers so many new opportunities to connect everything with one another. But only if you stay connected, that is! But how do you make sure that your device can seamlessly connect to the 5G cellular network? Well, that's where COMPRION comes into play!

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COMPRION and Rohde & Schwarz announce first validated 5G New Radio test cases on TP227

COMPRION SIMfony CMX500 5G NR USIM WI-508 NR test cases validated at GCF.

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GCF WI-509-NR Activated by Validation of COMPRION 5G NR USAT Tests on TP226

COMPRION activates WI-509-NR USAT at the GCF Combined Agreement Group #67 meeting, July 20-23, 2021 on TP226 in collaboration with partner Anritsu..

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