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NFC payments with global reach

While traveling abroad, it can be complicated to pay with the local currency. When you get a yummy snack or drink, you are more than happy to do so without fumbling for cash. While cashless is a global trend in payment, this often also means contactless. Since most consumers use a smartphone, payments cards have been digitized into mobile wallets. Some move even further and use wearables like smart watches or rings instead. For special events, smart garments such as smart gloves become increasingly appealing. Whatever the payment method, they are only attractive as long as they work flawlessly. EMVCo takes care of this task through maintaining testing processes of Mobile Level 1 approval.

Shape Does Not Matter

Whatever the shape, all types of payment products must run through approval. Regarding Mobile Level 1 approval, EMVCo maintains a certification program that is one of the mostly referred to from a global perspective: Since many international, national, and regional payment networks base their interoperability on EMVCo Level 1, this product approval pays off in far more payment systems than those of the six EMVCo members. Especially for NFC payment devices with antennas smaller than in a usual credit card, EMVCo has adopted and extended testing – first of all on the acceptance side. As a result, validation of devices for NFC payments has been simplified. Consequently, Mobile Level 1 approval matters even more.


All Goes Down to Mobile Level 1

Which certification for NFC payments?

Important to know: the “NFC Consumer Device” category applies to NFC payments. But looking into it, the EMVCo website still offers five options! All in all, “Mobile Level 1” the basic and core product approval required by all EMVCo members. As the procedures for “Wearable” are identical to “Mobile”, and since “Card Level 1” process has not been defined, it all goes down to one core product approval process to get you certified: Mobile Level 1.

How to test without knowing the test specification?

How can you access the test specifications, which are not public since owned by the payment schemes? You do not need to, because they are implicitly contained in the COMPRION test tools. Most important, you find them broken down into small comprehensive pieces explaining each test case and related requirements.


EMVCo PICC Analog Test Solution

Is the highest repeatability of RF analog test results key for your development? Are you fed-up with instable results or high deviations encountered with your current Setup? Our PICC Analog Test Solution addresses all of this and also has the fastest test case execution.

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Get Ready for the Lab

You need to get ready for the laboratory session and make sure to pass quickly. Even if the last session has led to some failures and it is difficult to identify the corrective actions, the answer is here. Cost-effectively access all relevant parameters in our PICC analog pre-conformance solution.

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Design Validation Center

Assure that your NFC payment device is interoperable in any environment. Predict behavior to better prepare for interoperability testing. Characterize the devices in your target environment, visualize them, and quickly improve the configuration of your antennas.

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&quot;Our customers appreciate the ease of use and are amazed by our positioning system, which is unparalleled.&quot;<br /><br />

"Our customers appreciate the ease of use and are amazed by our positioning system, which is unparalleled."

Frank Prünte, Director Sales & Marketing



No matter if you use UT³ Platform or the CL Development Line, both can cover them all: NFC Forum, ISO/IEC 10373-6, and CEN/TS 16794. 


Save time with stable results due to our precise positioning system with a fully integrated industry robot featuring camera assistance.

Step by Step

COMPRION test tools instruct about all steps, list all requirements and all acceptance criteria. Get clarity about the limits tested and margins left.

Calibration Certificate

Benefit from a chain of proven uncertainties and calibration certificates issued by our DAKKS-accredited in-house calibration lab.

EMVCo 3.0 eBook

EMVCo 3.0 has introduced three new reference antennas. As a result, the complexity of analog tests has grown and the number of test scenarios has tripled.

Learn more about these new challenges and how to master them in our eBook.

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