Accepting Payments Globally

Why Does EMVCo Level 1 Approval Matter at All?

If you just imagine yourself on a beach of a tropical Island far way... How are you going to pay for all your activities in a foreign currency? Then, very likely with some international payment card. To do this, you either present a physical card or you use its digitized version in your smartphone. Because the payment terminal is ready to accept a wide range of payment means, you don't have to bother.

Interoperable Payments

This is possible, as the POS device has most probably passed EMVCo Terminal Approval. Whereas many standards do exist, one specification remains the most important for payment: EMVCo Level 1. As it proves compliance on the most basic, the physical level, and on the protocol level, it makes sure that signals of a transaction correctly translate into bits and bytes to form the necessary messages.


EMVCo Terminal Approval

Let Our Tools Pilot You There!

EMVCo certification can be a complex task. Although EMVCo technical terms clearly define single items, like test cases and parameters, they can be confusing sometimes as well. Especially, what exactly needs to be covered to finally receive a so called Letter of Approval, that is a certificate, can be difficult to depict. Many of the specifications are complex and long, but usually there is little time to dive into details. With a COMPRION test tool, you do not need to be the expert of EMVCo Terminal Approval. Our tools pilot you through the test cases cutting requirements into digestible bites. Thus, making the whole process faster to finalize. 


EMVCo Terminal Approval PCD L1

Do you need a qualified test tool? Do you want to test your contactless payment terminal exactly like an accredited lab? Is the highest possible repeatability of RF analog test results key for your development? Are you fed up with instable results of other setups? Due to the high accuracy resulting from the precise positioning system with an industry robot, RF analog measurements are among the most stable in the industry.

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Get Ready for the Lab

EMVCo 3.0 increases the complexity of analog testing with three new reference antennas and up to three different load settings. As a result, test scenarios for the analog approval have more than tripled. For this you can optimally prepare the approval session in the lab: While the combination qualified software and cost-efficient hardware helps to control the budget, you cover all analog and digital parts for approval testing.

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IFM L1 Approval

There is good reason, why as of today, COMPRION´s Electrical Test Solution is used by all accredited labs for EMVCo Terminal Approval on Level 1. All expertise and experience gained over years has been built into this solution. If you do not trust in chance, trust our test solution and test like the labs for the contact interface!

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Get Ready for the Lab

Global payments on the contact interface are still in use. More importantly, they are the fallback solution if contactless does not work. Therefore, many merchants prefer a worry-free POS terminal including the contact interface. Execute smooth pre-conformance testing with our qualified software and low-cost hardware.

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Accelerate Your Approval

Contactless Characterization

Need to dig deeper for RF analog analysis? Get a better picture on the terminal behavior and characterize the electromagnetic field with Design Validation Center. For instance, to find out about the reader sensitivity. More importantly, the wide choice of 2D and 3D charts illustrate all properties at a glance. Just add the software to your contactless setup with your preferred antenna.

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Your Own Tests

Need to create your own tests in order to cover functionalities outside the EMVCo scope? Quick analysis, exact control of timings, and troubleshooting required? Simply install the NFC Test Designer software and capitalize on the complete test infrastructure at hand: digital and analog traces with preset analyzers, scripting with syntax control, and test reports with just a click.

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Any Error Reproducible

Reproducing an error can be a tricky task. Solve this reliably with the "Capture and Replay" feature. Use one of the COMPRION sniffing tools TraceCase or CL Verify A for capturing the transaction and replay it with NFC Test Designer. This way, error analysis will be sped up, but maybe even more importantly, corrections can be tested directly using NFC Test Designer.

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Terminal approval in - almost - no time. Electrical approval testing takes 20 minutes, contactless analog testing with all repetitions about three to four hours. 


Benefit from high-precision positioning with an industry robot that is fully integrated with camera assistance, thus providing stable results.


If you are already familiar with UT³ Platform with Device Test Center, you ramp-up quickly. For a new test suites, simply install a SW upgrade and add some accessories. 


Electrical and analog testing requires a proper chain of uncertainty certificates. Our test tools come with certificates from the DAKKS-accredited in-house calibration lab.

Quick Start to EMVCo 3.0

EMVCo 3.0 adds complexity to analog testing, because three new reference antennas have been introduced. They require to optimize power transfer, wave forms and receptivity, also called sensitivity.

New for Version 3.0 is to test against three different EMV-TEST-PICCs with three different loads. As a result, test scenario have tripled all in all. Finally RF antenna design now has to find a compromise which optimizes three different antenna behaviors.

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