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Certification & Standardization

Certifcation according to global test standards is required whenever a technical product is going to be launched. Only a common language and a set of expectations enable interoperability between systems and/or devices. That's why we at COMPRION are actively involved in all important standardization bodies & certification associations. Being close to the standard-setting processes allows us to implement all changes directly into our solution.



Mobile payment systems are gaining more and more popularity, swiftly changing the way we pay. EMVCo facilitates the worldwide interoperability and acceptance of secure payment transactions by managing and evolving their so-called EMV® specifications. Testing processes for card and terminal evaluation, security, and management of interoperability issues are directly linked to these specifications.

Bringing Telecom Know-How & Expertise to EMVCo Testing

With the range of EMVCo-qualified test solutions, COMPRION has leveraged long-standing handset testing expertise to connect the payments world with the telecommunications world.

COMPRION manufactures its own hardware and offers the corresponding software. A complete test package from a single source guarantees a quick and smooth testing experience.

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Products & Solutions

EMVCo Testing

EMVCo L1 Contactless Test Solutions

EMVCo L1 Contactless Test Solutions

All test solutions for EMVCo qualified contactless L1 certification testing

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EMVCo L1 Contact Test Solutions

EMVCo L1 Contact Test Solutions

The only EMVCo qualified test solution for electrical and protocol certification of payment terminals

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Comparing COMPRION EMVCo Test Systems

L1 Contact Testing L1 Contactless Analog Testing L1 Contactless Digital Testing
EMVCo Level 1 Eletrical Test Solution with UT³ Platform PICC Analog Test Solution from COMPRION for EMVCo Level 1 approvals
Mobile Type Approval
Card Type Aproval
Terminal Type Approval
Interface Type contact contactless contactless contactless

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