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Certification & Standardization

Certifcation according to global test standards is required whenever a technical product is going to be launched. Only a common language and a set of expectations enable interoperability between systems and/or devices. That's why we at COMPRION are actively involved in all important standardization bodies & certification associations. Being close to the standard-setting processes allows us to implement all changes directly into our solution.



ETSI, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, is a standardization organization creating and maintaining specifications for the mobile phone system including machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. As the smart card is still an essential part of these ecosystems, ETSI has a technical committee for the Smart Card Platform (SCP) which is responsible for creating specifications for smart cards.

Bringing Know-How & Expertise to ETSI Testing

Based on the ETSI specifications, other bodies can build their system-specific applications. This common ground ensures compatibility between all applications resident on the smart card. COMPRION, is not just a member of the Smart Card Platform group but also chairing the ETSI TC SCP Working Group Test for many years. We at COMPRION turn this knowledge quickly into comprehensive test case packages for all relevant ETSI protocol tests, such as ISO/IEC 7816, SWP/HCI, and IC-USB.


Comparing COMPRION ETSI Test Systems

Terminal Testing UT³ Platform Prove 2 & CLT One COMPRION SIMfony
image image image
ETSI TS 102 230
ETSI TS 102 694-1 SWP
Stage 1 – Pure SWP tests
Stage 2 – Tests with NFC support
Stage 3 – Analog tests
Stage 4 – Tests for NFC Type F
ETSI TS 102 695-1 HCI
Stage 1 – Pure HCI tests
Stage 2 – Tests with NFC support
Stage 3 – Tests for NFC Type F
Stage 4 – Reader mode tests
ETSI TS 102 695-3 HCI
Stage 1 – Pure HCI tests
Stage 2 – Tests with NFC support
Stage 3 – Tests for NFC Type F
ETSI TS 102 922-1 IC-USB
Stage 1
Conformance Platform
Validated at GCF and PTCRB
Validated at NFC Forum



Card Testing Spectro TP Spectro 2
image image
Test Benches
ETSI TS102 268 UICC Java API
ETSI TS 102 694-2 SWP
ETSI TS 102 695-2 HCI
Calibrated device for analog value measurements
Test case execution in real time

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