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Certification & Standardization

Certifcation according to global test standards is required whenever a technical product is going to be launched. Only a common language and a set of expectations enable interoperability between systems and/or devices. That's why we at COMPRION are actively involved in all important standardization bodies & certification associations. Being close to the standard-setting processes allows us to implement all changes directly into our solution.


NFC Forum

The Near Field Communication Forum is the open platform that has the goal of advancing the use of short-range wireless interaction in consumer electronics, mobile devices, and PCs. The NFC Forum also operates a certification program for analog and digital testing.

The main intention of NFC Forum is to educate the market about NFC technologies and to develop standardized NFC technologies by engineering NFC specifications. They have a liaison with the GSMA to jointly move the NFC technology forward. That's why the GSMA TS.27 NFC Handset Test Book also contains many test cases defined by the NFC Forum.

COMPRION is an active NFC Forum member and therefore deeply involved in the standardization process of NFC. Thus, we promptly integrate the newest technological developments into our test solutions for NFC Forum testing. Leading chip manufacturers, mobile phone vendors, and test houses already use our test solutions to conduct their tests according to NFC Forum.


Comparing COMPRION NFC Forum Test Systems

UT³ Platform NFC Forum Analog Test Solution CL Verify A
NFC Robot for NFC Forum Analog Testing
Test Benches
NFC Forum RF Analog *
NFC Forum Digital Protocol
NFC Forum Tag
NFC Forum Tag Performance *
NFC Forum-approved platform pre-conformance
Synchronous SWP/HCI/NFC testing
SWP/HCI conformance test platform at GCF
Calibrated device for analog value measurements

*with add on CL Quantify

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