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Certification & Standardization

Certifcation according to global test standards is required whenever a technical product is going to be launched. Only a common language and a set of expectations enable interoperability between systems and/or devices. That's why we at COMPRION are actively involved in all important standardization bodies & certification associations. Being close to the standard-setting processes allows us to implement all changes directly into our solution.


Verizon Wireless

VZW specific testing

For the proper implementation of its LTE environment Verizon Wireless (VZW) has set up device test plans specifying in detail all required test cases for device certification. These test cases are based on GCF relevant ETSI and 3GPP(2) test specifications and are extended with Verizon specific requirements.

Additionally, VZW have published the VZW Test Equipment List which lists the test case validations per test plan and test platform. As per Test Equipment List from April 2018, COMPRION provides the test platforms with the highest number of validated UICC, USIM, USAT, ISIM, MPLMN, Band 4, VZW SIM Application Interaction test cases in LTE and CAT M1. Also for VZW CSIM and CCAT tests, all required tests are validated on the COMPRION test platforms.



Know-How & Expertise Regarding Verizon Wireless Compliance

COMPRION is supporting this mobile network operator for more than 10 years to identify their individual test requirements and implement tailor-made solutions. We at COMPRION work jointly with them on their specific requirements.

COMPRION SIMfony, the GCF and PTCRB validated conformance platform for combined handset testing, known for its usability and time-efficiency, is a VZW-listed platform for performing VZW LTE and CDMA2000 handset testing. COMPRION provides the LTE, CAT M1 and CDMA2000 test cases defined in the Verizon Wireless test plans

  • VZW LTE Device-SIM Application Interaction Device Test Plan
  • VZW LTE Device-UICC USIM-ISIM Interaction Test Plan
  • VZW LTE Device-UICC USIM-ISIM Interaction for Band 4 Test Plan
  • VZW LTE Multi-Mode Device-UICC CSIM Interaction Test Plan

Products & Solutions

Test Solutions according Verizon Wireless

These are the offered test benches for the different Verizon Wireless test plans:

LTE Device-SIM Application Interaction Device test plan
(SIMAPPINT; For device types 1, 2 and 4 including CAT M1):
  • VZW LTE Device SIM Application Interaction Test Packages
LTE Device-UICC USIM-ISIM Interaction Test Plan
(CAT M1 - with and without IMS – supported):
  • IT³ VZW USIM LTE Test Bench
  • IT³ VZW USAT LTE Test Bench
  • IT³ VZW ISIM LTE Test Bench
LTE Device-UICC USIM-ISIM Interaction Band 4 Test Plan:
  • IT³ VZW LTE Band 4 Test Bench
LTE Multi-Mode Device-UICC CSIM Interaction Test Plan:
  • IT³ VZW CSIM Test Bench
  • IT³ VZW CSIM CCAT Test Bench

COMPRIONs validated test solutions according the Verizon Wireless test plans are based on

  • COMPRION SIMfony CMW500 and

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