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Mobile connectivity is omnipresent in almost every part of modern life. An increasing number of interfaces is connecting more and more different technologies which all have to work seamlessly together. COMPRION offers test solutions for all relevant interfaces and technologies.


eSIM & Remote SIM Provisioning

The telecoms industry is expecting traditional SIM cards to be fully replaced within the next years. Special requirements like the robustness of the SIM needed in M2M and the trend to miniaturization in consumer devices are driving this development. As eSIMs will be soldered,  the profiles must be provisioned over the air; this is called Remote SIM Provisioning. To make this procedure reliable and safe, the GSMA has developed specifications for M2M and consumer devices that enable remote SIM provisioning of any mobile device.


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As the eSIM ecosystem consists of various industry players and heterogeneous systems, remote updating of an already implemented eSIM is a complex process. We have the tools and solutions to test and introduce the infrastructure successfully.

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