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Mobile connectivity is omnipresent in almost every part of modern life. An increasing number of interfaces is connecting more and more different technologies which all have to work seamlessly together. COMPRION offers test solutions for all relevant interfaces and technologies.



The USIM /USAT (USIM Application Toolkit) technology defined by 3GPP covers the STK (SIM Toolkit) functionality in mobile networks. The idea behind this is to enable the mobile network operators to bring value-added services (VAS) to existing networks and handsets. To ensure proper functioning, the protocols behind this must work smoothly.

COMPRION offers solutions for USIM/USAT interface testing.

Bringing Know-How & Expertise to USIM/USAT Testing

As COMPRION has been developing test solutions for the telecommunications ecosystem for more than 15 years, our experts know exactly the key issues when testing these protocols. Besides, COMPRION is actively involved in the relevant standardization work, so that our test solution cover all demands for reliable 3GPP handset testing validated at GCF and PTCRB.

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The most popular conformance test platform for the UICC interface of mobile devices

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