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As the telecommunications and payments ecosystems have evolved toward increasing complexity, the sheer number of devices under test is growing likewise. COMPRION stays abreast of the changes and offers you the best test techniques no matter which items you have to test.


Contactless Cards

For around two decades, contactless cards have been used for transactions, which must be processed quickly or hands-free, for example, in public transport or access control systems. Later on, the contactless technology entered the payments sector. Today, contactless credit and debit cards are widely in use.

Bringing Know-How and Expertise to Contactless Card Testing

With the advancement of ticketing, micro payment, and access systems, contactless cards work increasingly as a container for the security token.

Due to the reason that we are working intensely with contactless technology for more than a decade, our test tools for contactless cards help you to ensure that your products conform to the latest EMVCo and NFC Forum standards.


Comparing COMPRION Contactless Card Test Systems

Contactless Card Testing UT³ Platform EMVCo L1 PICC Analog Test Solution CL Verify A
PICC Analog Test Solution from COMPRION for EMVCo Level 1 approvals
EMVCo testing
GSMA TS.27 NFC Handset Test Book
CEN TS 16794

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