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As the telecommunications and payments ecosystems have evolved toward increasing complexity, the sheer number of devices under test is growing likewise. COMPRION stays abreast of the changes and offers you the best test techniques no matter which items you have to test.


eUICC/Consumer Devices

Consumer devices with eUICCs (embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Cards) such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables are gaining more and more importance in everyday life. As these eUICCs are soldered, they cannot be removed from the device, and therefore, it is no longer possible to change network subscriptions by simply exchanging the SIM cards. It is very important that – as a part of the device development process – the proper functioning of the eUICC is tested alone and in combination with the mobile device. The consumer devices and the eUICCs must prove that they are compliant with the respective industry standards and that they behave as required by the network operators.

Bringing Know-How & Expertise to eUICC/RSP Testing

For more than two decades, COMPRION has been developing reliable and intuitive test solutions for the mobile industry. Therefore, we at COMPRION are well-positioned for the new challenges that arise with the embedded UICC. We are actively driving the standardization and test specifications, for example, in the SIMalliance. Since February 2016, we have been chairing the SIMalliance eUICC Profile Testing Group to help establishing a globally binding format for eUICC profiles. Based on our profound expertise, we offer a portfolio that covers both testing of unsoldered UICCs as well as soldered eUICCs. Testing is possible stand-alone or in combination with the mobile consumer device, in the context of compliance testing, but also in customer-specific use cases.

Products & Solutions

eUICC Testing in Consumer Devices

Using COMPRION Network Bridge, the test operator can run tests without a mobile device, without a real network, and even without any network simulation hardware. It eases the work of (e)UICC manufacturers, MNOs, and SM-DP+ providers for two reasons: firstly, they do not need to bother with the complex handling and high investment of a network simulator and secondly, it eliminates the testing limitations in a real network.

For customer-specific testing, COMPRION offers the RSP Consumer Devices Platform. This tool provides a modular test environment with several simulation modules:

  • COMPRION Network Bridge incl.
    • Mobile equipment simulation (incl. LPA simulation)
    • SMSC simulation
    • Packet gateway simulation
  • Operator server simulation
  • SM-DP+ simulation

The following test benches cover the GSMA/SIMalliance compliance test specifications
for unsoldered eUICCs:

  • GSMA SGP.23 RSP eUICC Test Bench
  • SIMalliance eUICC Consumer Device Profile Package Test Bench


A soldered eUICC can only be accessed and tested via the standardized transport channels between back end and mobile equipment. Therefore, COMPRION's RSP Consumer Devices Platform offers access to the eUICC via network simulator hardware and via adaptors for Wi-Fi or Bluetooth communication.

In the context of customer-specific testing of consumer devices with soldered eUICCs, MNO and SM-DP+ back-end servers can be integrated as required, be it real or as simulations. 


For compliance testing of a consumer device using a soldered eUICC, COMPRION offers the GSMA SGP.23 RSP Device Test Bench running on Connectivity Test Center:



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