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As the telecommunications and payments ecosystems have evolved toward increasing complexity, the sheer number of devices under test is growing likewise. COMPRION stays abreast of the changes and offers you the best test techniques no matter which items you have to test.



Today, everyone is talking about M2M (machine-to-machine) and IoT (Internet of Things), the communication between machines. At the heart of the M2M ecosystem is an embedded UICC. As this UICC is embedded, it cannot be physically accessed after integration. Consequently, the testing industry is facing new challenges, such as testing the eUICC itself or in combination with a device, or testing the provisioning process that brings the user profile to the eUICC.

Bringing Know-How & Expertise to eUICC/M2M Testing

COMPRION embraces these challenges. We cooperate closely with GSMA, GlobalPlatform, SIMalliance, and other industry partners to develop future-proof test solutions for the M2M industry. That's why we at COMPRION can offer a portfolio that is perfectly adapted to the market demands. Do you need a test solution for soldered or unsoldered eUICCs? Are you working in the context of compliance or interoperability testing? Or do you have similar but quite individual requirements? We at COMPRION have the right solution!

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eUICC Testing in M2M

When an unsoldered M2M eUICC shall be tested according to the given industry standards, COMPRION's Connectivity Test Center is the first choice.


The respective test cases of the

  • GSMA SGP.11 eUICC Test Bench
  • SIMalliance eUICC M2M Profile Package Test Bench

can be executed using PC/SC reader, Spectro 2, or Spectro TP.

For customer-specific testing, COMPRION offers M2M RSP Platform, a modular test environment with several simulation options:

  • Mobile Network Operator (MNO) Server Simulation
  • SM-DP Simulation
  • SM-SR Simulation

In this test setup, the COMPRION Network Bridge connection additionally provides the required network and mobile equipment simulators, as there are:

  • Mobile Equipment Simulation
  • SMSC Simulation
  • Packet Gateway Simulation

COMPRION Network Bridge can also be used as a stand-alone tool that enables tests including real back-end servers (MNO, SM-DP, SM-SR) without a mobile device, without a real network, and even without any network simulation hardware.

A soldered M2M eUICC can only be accessed indirectly from the back end using a mobile network. The RSP M2M Platform with its back-end server simulators optionally provides this access by the integrated COMPRION Network Simulation Control Connection:

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