Mobile Phones/Devices/Chipsets

Experts assume that the number of smartphones will continue to grow worldwide. Not only the sheer number of smartphones will increase, but also the variety of chipsets and applications. Therefore, testing becomes even more crucial. This requires a reliable and experienced partner.

Bringing Know-How & Expertise to Mobile Phones/Devices/Chipsets

COMPRION delivers first-class test equipment for the smart card interface. We work in very close collaboration with the standardization bodies and our customers. This enables us to implement the latest technologies and standards into our products. If you want to make sure that your mobile device or chipset works in the field without causing malfunctions, COMPRION has suitable and excellent solutions for you.


Comparing COMPRION Mobile Phone/Device/Chipset Test Systems

Terminal TestingCOMPRION SIMfonyUT³ PlatformProve 2
GCF/PTCRB validated conformance test platformpre-conformance
Digital simulation and protocol testing of ISO/IEC 7816
Digital simulation and protocol testing of SWP/HCI
Synchronized NFC/SWP/HCI testing*
USIM/USAT test solution with integrated network simulator
Calibrated device for analog value measurements

* only in combination with CL Verify

Interoperability TestingMove 2MiniMoveCL Verify A
Monitoring/tracing of all UICC interface signals
Monitoring/tracing of the contactless interface
Signal analysis with integrated digital oscilloscope
USB power supply by host PC

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