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As the telecommunications and payments ecosystems have evolved toward increasing complexity, the sheer number of devices under test is growing likewise. COMPRION stays abreast of the changes and offers you the best test techniques no matter which items you have to test.


NFC-Enabled Devices & CLFs

As Near Field Communication gathers momentum, the number and variety of devices equipped with this technology is constantly growing. Mobile phones, payment terminals, and other consumer devices now have NFC inside and have to work reliably with other devices. Therefore specific solutions for NFC testing are required.

COMPRION is the leading company for test solutions around the UICC interface. As the NFC technology is using the key elements of the existing standards for contactless card technology, we at COMPRION are experts when it comes to testing the contactless front-end of NFC-enabled devices. We are active members in several certification organizations. For example, the NFC Forum, which helps to harmonize NFC technology, the GSMA, which has compiled a set of test cases for the UICC-based NFC functionality, or the GCF as an enabler of global interoperability between mobile devices and networks. Based on this work, we can directly implement the acquired knowledge in our NFC testing solutions.


Comparing COMPRION NFC-Enabled Device & CLF Test Systems

(Pre-)Conformance TestingUT³ PlatformNFC Forum Analog Test SolutionCL Verify A
NFC Robot for NFC Forum Analog Testing
Validated conformance platform
NFC Forum digital testing
NFC Forum analog testing
Synchronized NFC/SWP/HCI testing

Interoperability TestingCL Verify ATraceCase
Monitoring/tracing of the contactless interface
Signal analysis with integrated digital oscilloscope
Spying of mobile payment transactions

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