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As the telecommunications and payments ecosystems have evolved toward increasing complexity, the sheer number of devices under test is growing likewise. COMPRION stays abreast of the changes and offers you the best test techniques no matter which items you have to test.


POS/mPOS Terminals

Cashless payment at a stationary point of sale (POS) is already part of everyday life. However, in order to increase sales and enhance the payment experience, mobile devices are increasingly being used by merchants, restaurants, and other businesses as point-of-sale terminals.

Smartphones, tablets, or other dedicated wireless devices can easily transform the stationary electronic point of sale into a mobile one. Due to the tremendous user benefits, this relatively new enhancement of the mobile payments ecosystem is gaining ground fast, especially in the U.S.

COMPRION offers the appropriate test solutions for POS and mPOS.

To make sure that only payment terminals that work reliably and guarantee secure payment transactions will be introduced into the market, EMVCo – the organization in charge of developing and maintaining the EMV® standard – has established a global type approval or certification process.

Since the very first introduction of approvals for the EMV® specifications COMPRION has actively contributed with their test solutions for POS and mPOS and, latest COTS. As the world wide only supplier for the Electrical test tool (physical layer of contact interface) COMPRION has invested all expertise to ensure components of the payments ecosystem are fully interoperable.


POS/mPOS Terminal Testing

EMVCo L1 Contact Test Solutions EMVCo L1 PCD Analog Test Solution TraceCase CL Verify A
EMVCo Level 1 Eletrical Test Solution with UT³ Platform EMVCo PCD Analog Test Solution for EMVCo L1 contactless testing
Validated conformance platform
EMVCo electrical terminal testing
Contactless interface testing
Monitoring/tracing of contactless interfaces
Spying of mobile payment transactions

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