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As the telecommunications and payments ecosystems have evolved toward increasing complexity, the sheer number of devices under test is growing likewise. COMPRION stays abreast of the changes and offers you the best test techniques no matter which items you have to test.



The UICC (Universal Integrated Circuit Card) is a smart card which was designed to be used as a container for the subscriber identification module (SIM) included in mobile phones, tablets, or other mobile devices. The decisive change compared to the previous traditional SIM cards is that multiple applications (SIM, USIM, ISIM, CSIM, etc.) can be stored on a single UICC. Mobile network operators use subscriber identification modules to store the credentials and encryption keys required for the authentication process.

Bringing Know-How & Expertise into UICC Testing

Involved in all relevant standardization organizations from the very beginning, COMPRION is the expert when it comes to test the smart card and all UICC interfaces.


Comparing COMPRION UICC Test Solutions

CapabilitiesSpectro TPSpectro 2COMPRION Network Bridge
GlobalPlatform validated
Calibrated measurement device
Contactless interface support
Remote provisioning testing

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