Use Cases

The ideal solution for eUICC manufacturers, MNOs, and RSP server providers to reduce test efforts
Does my server implementation run with all eSIMs? Are my eSIMs compatible with all servers? These issues can be easily tackled with COMPRION Network Bridge.
Our software provides a direct connection between eSIM and back-end servers. This way, remote administration can be processed in a lab environment independent of a real network or a network simulator. Thus, any interference is eliminated.


COMPRION Network Bridge comes with simulations of the essential network and server components. The simulations of mobile equipment and other parts like an LPA for consumer devices complement the solution.

The swift way to analyze the results
As communication between the entities is complicated, we provide several views like the Protocols view and our most popular Sequence Diagram to ease your work:

The Sequence Diagram shows the communication between the involved entities. Just by clicking on the events, detailed info will be shown. Thanks to the clear chronological structure, the sequence diagram offers valuable assistance when it comes to troubleshooting.

Simplify your Consumer Devices testing with our LPA Simulation

You can simply use COMPRION’s LPA simulation as a more than adequate replacement for a real LPA app. This enables industry players such as SM-DP+ operators or eUICC manufacturers to simulate the behavior of the typical LPA app installed on a real mobile device. The LPA simulation is combined with our mobile device simulation. So, you have the ‘ideal’ device at hand, which prevents any possible faults of a real device that might adversely affect your test results. 

For changing the operator subscription, eUICC and SM-DP+ server must communicate with each other. The LPA simulation allows managing the communication between these two entities. The Sequence Diagram visualizes this communication in detail and shows where problems have occurred. Thus, issues can be easily fixed.

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