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Contactless Testing API

Easy-to-use programming interface for COMPRION simulators that allows developers to write their own test cases for products using contactless technologies.

  • Supported standards & interfaces:
    • NFC Forum
    • EMVCo
    • ISO/IEC 14443
    • ISO/IEC 18092
  • Easy to learn and convenient to use
  • Includes waveform editor
  • Offers superior analog measurement abilities
  • Use Cases
  • Accessories

Our Contactless Testing API is the perfect tool for chipset manufacturers, mobile device manufacturers, manufacturers of contactless smart cards & tags, test companies, application developers and solution providers. As it is based on the widespread programming language C#, there is no need to learn an additional tool-specific language. 

Main use cases are: 

  • Testing beyond standard requirements for
    • Functional behaviour optimization
    • Performance and quality improvements
  • To detect and eliminate confidential problems & product weaknesses discreetly in house
  • Make use of the outstanding features of COMPRION test platforms
    • Development support of time critical processes
    • Highly accurate and reproducible test results
    • Superior analog measurement abilities (Analog Scope)

COMPRION offers the Contactless Testing API mainly for CLT Verify A. It is also available for UT³ Platform and Spectro TP. Depending on which part of the contactless communication shall be tested (PICC/PCD, poller/listener), COMPRION also provides the corresponding antennas.


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