COTS Test Tool

EMVCo COTS Test Solution To Simply Take NFC Payments

During the pandemic contactless payment has been appreciated a lot. But accepting NFC payments is usually more complicated. With the Early Adopter Programme for COTS (=Commercial-off-the-shelf) EMVCo has facilitated this. Now, certification, which is type approval in EMVCo terms, has become simpler and less costly: This is because during evaluation phase  EMVCo does not charge fees.

What is COTS or Commercial-off-the-shelf all about? EMVCo has launched its Early-Adopter-Programme to encourage smartphone and tablet manufacturers to enable accepting NFC payments on their mobile devices. To clearly differentiate, this is a separate type approval using its own COTS test tool. The scope is EMVCo Level 1 demanding testing for analog, digital and interoperability. However only analog has been modified to a subset of test cases and test positions. In addition, for the reporting EMVCo has introduced a score.

Hence the analog test bench can be run on the available options - depending on your use case

  • For a laboratory or team requiring highest accuracy positioning on UT³ Platform, the qualified tool for conformance
  • For a smaller setup and less precise positioning  CL Development Line (CL Verify A, CL Quantify, CL Amplify), the not qualified pre-conformance option
  • For the smallest setup and less precise positioning using preset setup values on CL Verify A in the Starter Set variant as alternative pre-conformance option

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How does the system look like?

EMVCo Contactless approvals require an automated positioning system with proven accuracy. Thus you need a robot and integrate all the precise measurement components including the prescribed EMVCo TEST Equipment. Take a tour!


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