PCD Analog Starter Set

Get Perfectly Prepared for EMVCo 3.0 Terminal Approval

Since EMVCo 3.0 activation new test requirements impact your NFC reader implementation. Hence, RF antenna design for payment terminals has become more demanding.

First of all the mandatory test equipment more than triples the number of scenarios to run. This is because three new EMV TEST PICCs (Proximity Integrated Circuit Card) are now used. Up to version 2.6b one was enough. For some test groups even six-fold runs are necessary using three linear-loads instead of two before. Even if you only test at critical positions, you must execute a high number of test scenario. Hence, automation with a robot gets really attractive. By combining cost efficient minimal hardware with  the integration of Dobot, the EMVCo PCD Analog Starter Set makes this available for all R&D teams.

Since time is money, we optimized tests to run as fast as possible. Get confident to go for the approval in the lab in half of the time to launch earlier!



Features & Benefits

  • Fast: full approval in less than four hours
  • Small: 9.5 x 3.5 x 10.8 inch (whd) plus PC and Dobot
  • Cost-efficient: non-validated hardware and minimal setup
  • Instant: setup values done for you
  • Simple: just connect Dobot


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