PCD Analog Test Solution

With the increase of smartphones and wearables like smart watches or rings for contactless payments new EMVCo testing requirements have to be addressed by terminal manufacturers.
Furthermore EMVCo 3.0 has introduced more complexity to approval testing. COMPRIONs PCD Analog Test Solutions fulfil these new standards.

They integrate everything needed for accurate and fast positioning:



Features & Benefits

  • Qualified, highly accurate positioning system, proven by measurement uncertainty study
  • Buffered pick-up coil signal captures monitoring data without need for extra antenna
  • "Live-Logs" available already during test case execution
  • Fastest test case execution
  • Automatically generated Analog Scope traces visualize all EMVCo measurements

For laboratories investing into the complete analog test solution a short ramp up phase as well as the flexibility to re-use it for Mobile /Card Type Approval according to EMVCo or for NFC Forum and even GCF/PTCRB testing make it a future proof invest.

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