PCD Digital Test Solution

This solution is used for digital EMVCo testing of payment terminals at point of sales (POS), or mobile POS or even .
These terminals can have many shapes and degrees of integration into a checkout system or a counter solution or they can be a tiny mPOS device attached to a smartphone or tablet. In addition, even modules to be installed in ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) need EMVCo testing.

COMPRION´s solution for testing the level 1, digital part of EMVCo Terminal Type Approval is running on UT³ Platform, COMPRION´s all-in-one conformance test platform:

For pre-conformance testing (execution of same test cases as on UT³ Platform) it is running on CL Verify A:

For both test tools test plan management and test case execution are controlled by Device Test Center.

All EMVCo conformance test platforms (PCD L1 Analog and Digital, PICC L1 Analog and Digital) are based on Device Test Center and UT³ Platform. The flexibility to re-use the components for Mobile/Card / Wearable Type Approval according to EMVCo or for NFC Forum and GCF/PTCRB testing make it a future proof invest.

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