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EMVCo PCD Analog Test Solution

The perfect solution for Terminal Type Approval Contactless Level 1

  • Automated and qualified robot positioning system
  • Proven high accuracy
  • Leveraging on the existing solution
  • Fast ramp up
  • Simple, but exact teach-in of terminals (PUT)
  • Ergonomic test solution adjustable to individual needs with convenient peripherals
  • “Live logs” test case results during test execution
  • Use Cases
  • Accessories

The perfect solution for Terminal Type Approval Contactless Level 1

With the increase of smartphones and wearables like smart watches or rings for contactless payments new testing requirements have to be addressed by terminal manufacturers.
Furthermore EMVCo has mandated automation for testing of the physical interface using robots for accurate positioning. Test laboratories have to invest into test solutions fulfilling these new standards.

COMPRION offers testing of payment terminals by extending the existing robot solutions for EMVCo and NFC Forum conformance testing. Thus, laboratories can add the test bench software as well as the corresponding accessories to their existing robot system to expand their offer of type approval services.

For laboratories investing into the complete solution a short setup and ramp up phase as well as the flexibility to re-use it for Mobile /Card Type Approval according to EMVCo or for NFC Forum and GCF/PTCRB testing make it a future proof invest.


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