Use Cases

Manage the content of your eSIM!
Our software solution for accessing soldered and unsoldered eSIMs, for generating new profiles and modifying existing profile descriptions, for loading, enabling, disabling, and deleting profiles.

eUICC Profile Manager is a modular tool for efficient eUICC life cycle management in all lab environments supporting the GSMA eUICC specifications for M2M and Consumer Devices, covering:

  •  eUICCs soldered in a device
  • (e)UICCs not (yet) soldered

Three components target different tasks:

Profile Loader (for M2M & Consumer Devices)
Load, enable, disable and delete profiles of M2M and consumer device eUICCs

Profile Explorer

  • Read, edit, and update the current file system and applications on (e)UICCs
  • Define command sequences and send them to target applications

Devices with embedded UICCs can be provisioned or configured over a cellular network connection established by a network simulator or via an IP connection. If the (e)UICC is removable, a setup variant with a card reader supersedes mobile equipment and simulator hardware.

eUICC Profile Manager enables MNOs and eUICC manufacturers to realize remote SIM provisioning scenarios and supports QA engineers of device and module manufacturers in various industries to launch reliable services.

Compose eUICC Profiles Like a Pro

Starting with an old profile and tediously adapting its file system to the new requirements is your proven but cumbersome way to create the profile for your next test scenario? You may ask yourself: Is this really the only option? We, at COMPRION, don’t think so.


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