Analog PICC & PCD Testing

The analog test benches (PICC and PCD) cover all tests on the physical level as defined in the ISO/IEC 10373-6 and CEN/TS 16794-2 test specification.

  • PICC analog tests prove interoperability of contactless smart cards, mobile phones, and wearables like smart watches or rings.
  • PCD analog tests prove interoperability of contactless readers as in public transport terminals,  ticket vending machines, turnstiles, and door locks.

These tests run on the Device Test Center test plan management software.
It can be used with CL Verify A or UT³ Platform.

You can use a robot of your choice as this test solution comes with an integrated interface to easily connect to further robots.


Figure: Setup for analog PICC and PCD tests on CL Verify A


For highly accurate positioning, use of NFC Robot is recommended:
NFC Robot is a carefree package with everything you need for fully automated execution of the test cases, which speeds up testing, shortens setup time, and protects the operator.

Figure: NFC Robot, a fully equipped safety cell with Kawasaki industry robot

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