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Move 2 & CLT Move

The perfect couple for monitoring contact-based and contactless interfaces

Monitors NFC communication of a handset and the data exchanged on the SWP/HCI UICC interface simultaneously.
All signals (SWP and ISO/IEC 14443) are recorded with the same time base and shown together in the user-friendly GUI of the COMPRION Interoperability Test Center.

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With this combined NFC testing solution, we provide the means to get the whole picture of the data exchanged between the NFC entities: the UICC on one side and the contactless reader on the other side.

With this feature, a couple of tasks can be managed a lot easier:

  • Development of CLF units in NFC terminals
  • Interoperability testing/monitoring between different NFC devices and applications
  • NFC application development for mobiles, banking, government applications, and ID systems

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