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COMPRION's unique modular approach to create use-case-specific OTA test solutions

  • Testing the OTA functionality of all involved components, covering the complete communication chain:
    back-end/network/mobile device/UICC
  • Enables the user to simulate whatever component is not present
  • Achieves a test setup that can be completely managed in a lab
  • Controlled by a single user interface
  • Tests are developed on a project basis concerning the specific use case:
    terminal, card, server, and end-to-end tests

  • Use Cases

OTAbility Test Setups – The 4 Variants of OTAbility

Variant 1 -  End-to-End Testing

Setup for OTA End-to-End Test Case

OTAbility with real card and real OTA server
End-to-end testing is most often requested by MNOs and system integrators as they usually have access to the live OTA server. Often, they like to check that their UICCs and real card applications work properly with the branded mobiles.


Variant 2  -  Card Testing

Setup for OTA Card Testing

OTAbility with real card and simulated OTA server
Whenever the UICC itself or the interoperability between an application residing on the UICC and the mobile device are in the spotlight, a real card should be used. This is mostly the case for manufacturers of UICCs and devices. The other parts of this setup are completely simulated and controlled by the OTAbility software. This way, the test operator is freed from handling back-end and network components.


Variant 3 - Terminal Testing

Setup for OTA Terminal Testing

OTAbility with simulated card and simulated OTA server
This variant comes with all components necessary for simulating the complete OTA communication chain. It is based on COMPRION SIMfony, consisting of network simulators and a card simulator (UT³ Platform or IT³ Prove!). Additionally, it comes with an OTA server simulation, which has to be installed on the control PC.


Variant 4 - Server Testing

Setup for OTA Server Testing 

OTAbility with virtual card and real server
Customers, who have access to real OTA servers but need to change initial test conditions frequently (for example, USIM profiles) like to work with a test setup where the card is replaced by a simulation tool (IT³ Prove! or UT³ Platform). This variant is ideal for OTA device testing at network operator sites.

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