RSP Consumer Devices Platform provides a modular test environment with several simulation modules for the RSP consumer devices ecosystem. Using RSP Consumer Devices Platform, you can test external interfaces in a lab environment. After successful testing, the simulated components can be replaced with real entities, which facilitates the hassle-free start of your production system.

The platform's modularity guarantees a flexible and lightweight approach as dedicated operative components of this architecture can be integrated into the test setup, according to the individual testing needs:

  • eSIMs, stand-alone or soldered into a device
  • consumer device / LPA
  • MNO back-end servers
  • SM-DP+, and SM-DS servers
  • Mobile Network Operator (MNO)
  • Subscription Manager-Secure Routing (SM-DP+)
  • Subscription Manager-Data Preparation (SM-DS)
  • Local Profile Assistant (LPA)
  • Profile order management process
  • Load profile
  • Enable profile
  • Disable profile
  • Delete profile
  • Show and edit metadata of a profile (e.g. update profile policy rules)
  • SM-DS event registration/retrieval/deletion
  • ES2+ : Interface between MNO and SM-DP+
  • ES9+ : Interface between LPA and SM-DP+
  • ES11 : Interface between LPA and SM-DS (using COMPRION Network Bridge)
  • ES12 : Interface between SM-DS and SM-DP+
  • ES15 : Interface between SM-DS and SM-DS (planned)

    ES8+ : Interface between SM-DP+ and eUICC
    ES10 : Interface between LPA and eUICC (using COMPRION Network Bridge)

      • Wi-Fi network
      • COMPRION Network Bridge
      • Simulated mobile network
      • Real mobile network
      • Web client for platform management configuration
      • Web client for SM-DP+
      • Providing ES2+, profile and credential management
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