RSP Consumer Devices Platform is the easy way to put RSP into practice. It provides a modular test environment with simulation for all entities of the RSP consumer devices ecosystem.

The reduced complexity enables:

  • a convenient setup and operation
  • an easy profile handling
  • incremental and easy integration of real entities


Who is it for?

RSP Consumer Devices Platform is used by various professionals and organizations, including:

  • eUICC manufacturers
  • Mobile device manufacturers
  • MNOs and MVNOs
  • Service providers
  • Test labs

The RSP Consumer Devices Platform enables the testing of products within a simulated GSMA compliant RSP environment. In-house testing becomes significantly more efficient when compared to conducting tests in a real environment. This simulation allows operators to focus on configuring the specific components necessary for testing the relevant RSP functions. The modular structure of the simulated RSP environment allows an incremental and easy integration of real entities.


RSP Consumer Device Platform

Using RSP Consumer Devices Platform, you can test real components against GSMA compliant simulations in a lab environment. The platform's modularity guarantees a flexible and lightweight approach as dedicated operative components of this architecture can be integrated into the test setup.  according to the individual testing needs. RSP Consumer Devices Platform provides:

  • SM-DP+ simulation including profile order management
  • SM-DS server simulation
  • Consumer device / LPA simulation

After successful testing and debugging, the simulated components can be replaced with real entities, which facilitates the hassle-free start of your production system.

Global Accessibility of SIM profiles and RSP setup

The RSP Consumer Devices Platform is web-based and has a central entity for control and rights management. This enables worldwide accessibility of the RSP setup and availability of the same eSIM profiles. The reduced complexity allows for convenient handling and quick test setup, providing the freedom to define the SM-DP+, SM-DS, and LPA configuration with your individual parameters.

Efficient SIM Profile Preparation

SIM profiles developed in the R&D department can be uploaded to the SM-DP+ and locally tested in mobile consumer devices in any region of the world. The preparation of a SIM profile for download is supported, taking into account different procedures such as the usage of an Activation Code or the usage of an SM-DS. Profile metadata, like profile icon, and profile order relevant data, such as the confirmation code, can be added during the profile preparation step until the profile enters the released state.

Advanced Logging Capabilities

Advanced logging capabilities reveal data exchanged between RSP entities. The clearly structured sequence list of the communication between real and simulated entities assists you in analyzing and resolving problems. In real systems, this communication is often not visible.

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