Use Cases

The RSP CD Platform enables network operators, service providers, and manufacturers of servers, consumer devices, and eUICCs to test their products against a simulated GSMA compliant RSP environment.

They can do this in-house with a much lower effort compared to testing in a real environment. The simulation enables the test operator to concentrate on the setup of those components that are required for testing the relevant RSP functionality. The modular structure of the simulated RSP environment allows an incremental and easy integration of real entities.





Make your business process RSP compatible

If you want to switch to mobile telecommunication based on eSIMs, you need to find out if and how the existing components can be made RSP compatible. A mobile network operator, for example, can work with the existing back-end infrastructure and, if required, with real embedded SIMs. The rest of the RSP environment is managed by the RSP platform.

If required,

  • the entire RSP infrastructure can be replaced step-by-step with real components.
  • the higher level management systems and processes can be tested
  • the correct operation and interoperability of the real components can be checked
Remote development and testing worldwide

RSP Consumer Devices Platform is accessible via a web front end and can be operated remotely from any location. This facilitates cooperative development worldwide:

  • People from different departments working in different countries can develop their components or profiles using the same RSP environment
  • SIM profiles developed in the R&D department can be tested locally in mobile consumer devices in any region of the world.
  • SIM (test) profiles can be easily managed and distributed company-/worldwide
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