• Mobile Network Operator (MNO)
  • Subscription Manager-Data Preparation (SM-DP)
  • Subscription Manager-Secure Routing (SM-SR)
  • eUICC Manufacturer (EUM)
  • Get eUICC information
  • Update eUICC information
  • Download profile
  • Enable profile
  • Disable profile
  • Delete profile (and ISD-P)
  • Update policy rules of a profile
  • Update connectivity parameters
  • ES1 - interface between EUM and SM-SR
  • ES2 - interface between MNO and SM-DP
  • ES3 - interface between SM-DP and SM-SR
  • ES4 - interface between MNO and SM-SR
  • ES7 - interface between SM-SR and SM-SR
  • ES5 - interface between SM-SR and eUICC
  • ES6 - interface between MNO and eUICC
  • ES8 - interface between SM-DP and eUICC
  • Real mobile network
  • Simulated mobile network via COMPRION's Network Simulation Control
  • Card reader connection
  • Service manager application for start and control of server instances
  • Remote SIM provisioning via SOAP interfaces
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