Use Cases

The RSP M2M Platform provides simulation capabilities for all components of the eUICC remote SIM provisioning architecture. The comprehensive collection of server simulations providing SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) interfaces can be used to run all RSP scenarios. Its modularity guarantees a flexible and lightweight setup tailored exactly to the individual needs. Embedded UICCs (eUICCs or eSIMs) can be integrated when they are accessible or even when they are soldered into a device. RSP M2M Platform supports the definition of user-specific RSP procedures and executes these using the SOAP interfaces of the server simulations. With RSP Platform all RSP architecture entities are adressed: eUICCs, MNO, SM-DP and SM-SR servers, and also the devices carrying the eUICC.

Key Benefits

  • Remote administration and provisioning in lab environment
  • Simulation of
    • eUICC
    • SM-DP
    • SM-SR
  • Provides advanced logging capabilities for the
    • eUICC on-card interfaces
    • SM-DP and SM-SR off-card interfaces
  • Flexible setup configurations
  • Allows users to take control of server behaviour and details of RSP procedures 
  • Supports GSMA SGP.02 Version 3.2
Related Test Topics

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