TCA eSIM Interoperability Service - delivered by COMPRION

TCA eSIM Interoperability Service

Ensure a successful launch of your eSIM based product or service with our interoperability testing service:

  • MNO, MVNO, M2M / IoT connectivity providers and private network providers:
    Test the interoperability of eSIM profiles for your communication services with a wide range of real market devices.
  • MVNE and SM-DP+ providers:
    Test eSIM profiles you create for your customers with devices available on the market.
  • SM-DP+ providers:
    Test the SM-DP+ itself with remote SIM provisioning enabled devices.
  • eSIM device manufacturers:
    Test device interoperability with various SM-DP+ services for successful remote SIM provisioning.

Get the type of testing you need, tailored to fit your specific requirements.

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Interoperability Issues: Understanding the Causes and Impacts

Several components interact with each other in the process of remote (e)SIM provisioning:

  • The SM-DP+ Remote SIM Provisioning server interacts with the device's LPA and eUICC.
  • The eSIM profile, along with all its configurations, interacts with the eUICC and the mobile baseband processor.

While there are standardized technical specifications and test protocols available for the SM-DP+, LPA, eUICC, and eSIM profile, real-world scenarios still present a risk of interoperability issues:

  • Technical specifications may have ambiguities that could lead to different interpretations.
  • Testing individual components against their specifications in isolation is a good first step, but it may not test interoperability between different components.
  • Different versions of technical specifications for various components can create compatibility issues when they come together.
  • The expert who creates the eSIM profile may have technical specifications in mind, but the profile is rarely checked thoroughly against the specifications.


The Importance of Proactively Preventing Interoperability Issues 

Ensuring that your products and services work seamlessly with those of your partners is essential to maintain your business's reputation and profitability. Interoperability issues can lead to substantial customer dissatisfaction and lost revenue. However, by proactively preventing these issues, you can avoid the need to spend a significant amount of time and resources fixing them later on.


Making the Right Choice: TCA eSIM Interoperability Service - delivered by COMPRION

Our solutions can help you take a proactive approach to interoperability and avoid the negative impact on your business. We work closely with you to identify potential issues and implement solutions to prevent them from occurring.

Choosing our service provides you with a range of benefits:

  • Large Portfolio of Test Devices: We offer a broad range of test devices, which are regularly updated to ensure that we can provide the most comprehensive testing possible.
  • Expert Collaboration: We have teamed up with the Trusted Connectivity Alliance, an organization with vast experience and expertise in interoperability testing.
  • Comprehensive Support: If an interoperability issue is identified, our team of experts will work with you to understand your specific needs and develop a tailored solution


Marcus Dormanns

Lead Innovation Manager

Would you like to discuss the testing service in your specific context? Let us get in touch!

We offer three modes of testing:

  1. Let COMPRION Take Care of Your Testing Needs
    Our testing process is simple and hassle-free, just task our expert staff to conduct the testing and receive a detailed report of the results afterwards. This makes it easy for you to get the information you need without any additional effort on your part. You can conveniently purchase this option - recommended by us - via our online shop:
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  2. Self-testing in COMPRION's office in Paderborn, Germany
    Visit us and get access to the test device portfolio and do the testing yourself.
  3. Remote Testing
    We set-up a Microsoft Teams session with you, mirror the screen of the test devices and provide you with remote control. COMPRION staff is facilitating this testing process for whatever remains to be done physically.

In any case, as preparation of the testing session we'll be in contact to align on all aspects of the intended testing, e.g. which test devices shall be used. As an added benefit, members of the Trusted Connectivity Alliance (TCA) enjoy a reduced rate on our testing service.

 Test devices for the service are selected mainly based on:

  • Market share
  • Potential diversity of employed eUICCs and LPA implementations

The below listed devices are available for the testing service. The portfolio of test devices is extended over time.



ModelType of DeviceYear of Launch
1AppleiPad (9th Generation)Tablet2019
3AppleWatch SEWatch2020
4AppleApple iPad Pro (3rd Generation)Tablet2021
5AppleiPhone 13Smartphone2021
6AppleiPhone 14 (eSIM-only US version)Smartphone2022
7AppleiPhone 15 (eSIM-only US version)Smartphone2023
8AppleiPhone SE3Smartphone2022
9DellLatitude 5540Laptop2023
10GooglePixel 6Smartphone2021
11GooglePixel 6aSmartphone2022
12GooglePixel 7Smartphone2022
14HuaweiHuawei Watch 3Watch2021
15LenovoYoga 5GTablet2021
16MicrosoftSurface Go 3Tablet2021
17MotorolaRazr 5GSmartphone2022
18NokiaG60 5GSmartphone2022
19OppoFind X3 ProSmartphone2021
20OppoFind X5 ProSmartphone2022
21SamsungGalaxy Note 20 Ultra 5GSmartphone2020
22SamsungGalaxy S21Smartphone2021
23SamsungGalaxy Z Fold 4Smartphone2022
24SamsungGalaxy Z Flip 4Smartphone2022
25SamsungGalaxy S22Smartphone2022
26SamsungGalaxy S23 UltraSmartphone2023
27SamsungWatch 5 LTEWatch2022
28SonyXperia 1IVSmartphone2022
29Xiaomi12T ProSmartphone2022


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