Use Cases

TraceCase is the small and handy contactless spy tool for NFC sniffing discreetly into transactions under real-life conditions. The powerful TraceCase software allows analyzing and debugging in order to create a reliable NFC ecosystem.

Together with TraceCase Toolbox the user receives a command-line based control interface to operate TraceCase remotely. This facilitates the integration into an existing test environment.


Download the App for free

Download and test the latest version of our TraceCase App including an embedded test session of a typical payment transaction. TraceCase is available in the Apple App Store and for Android devices from Google Play.



To get your hands on our free of charge Windows based software 'TraceCase Viewer', please get in touch with our sales team, who is happy to help you out:

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Who is it for?

Application developers, consultants & test engineers of:

  • Manufacturers of mobile devices and chipsets
  • Manufacturers of POS terminals and ATMs
  • Test houses

Providers of test services and solutions in the areas of:

  • Mobile payment
  • Access control
  • Public transport


Small and mobile for everyday use.


Capture data without disrupting the daily business. 


Location, date, & time are clearly assigned to data.

Powerful for analyzing in-house or by a third party:
  • Comprehensive and reliable software.
  • Unique: visualizing and analyzing digital and analog signals.
  • EMV translator: detailed analysis of payment transactions in Application Layer.
  • Ideally suited to identify technical issues.

TraceCase Fit

TraceCase is also available as TraceCase Fit - a tailor-made test solution hidden in a smartphone case, for various phones including: iPhone 13 Pro & Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone X/Xs, iPhone 8/8+ and Samsung S8. For all other form factors, please feel free to get in touch with our Sales Team.


Watch Movie TraceCase vs TraceCase Fit

Perfectly equipped for smartwatches
  • Allows discreet sniffing of payment transactions.
  • Ideally suited for Apple Watch and others.
  • Offers the same testing scope as our antennas for cards & phones.
  • No compromises on comfort or functions.

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