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Types of Testing

COMPRION offers test solutions for nearly all phases of the product live cycle:

  • Product Development
  • Product Approval
  • Service & Maintenance

In each of these phases there are individual tasks, which require specific test environment:

Below you find the appropriate environment provided by COMPRION.



COMPRION test platforms which are not validated as conformance platforms are called 'pre-conformance tools'. These tools run conformance-relevant test cases and enable conformance evaluation in a cost-efficient way without the need of a certified platform. For each COMPRION test bench running on a conformance platform, there is the appropriate pre-conformance test tool.

A fast-paced industry gives rise to ever more complex features and demands of electronic products – both in the telecommunications and payments world. Consequently, it is crucial to make sure that these products interact reliably with other parts of the ecosystem. Preferably, this should be done at an early stage – in the product development phase. Ignoring regulatory requirements and operating specifications could be very costly if the product ends up failing in the test lab. Development-accompanying pre-conformance testing can reduce this risk. 

COMPRION has been working closely over a long time with dedicated standardization and certification bodies like GCF/PTCRB, NFC Forum, Global Platform, and EMVCo. This is why we can offer profound expertise in the definition of test requirements and the specifications of the resulting test cases. Whether it concerns test specs, test procedures or test setups, COMPRION understands all significant aspects of conformance testing and offers the suitable product.

In parallel to the certified test platforms, COMPRION offers pre-conformance test platforms for almost every test case. Pre-Conformance platforms allow the cost-efficient execution of conformance-relevant test cases and evaluation at an early development stage in the own lab. This way, expensive test sessions in test labs are reduced to a minimum. 


Comparing COMPRION Pre-Conformance Test Solutions

IT³ Prove! Prove 2 CL Verify A Spectro 2
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