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Types of Testing

COMPRION offers test solutions for the most relevant phases of the entire product development life cycle:

  • Product development
  • Product approval
  • Operation

In each of these phases, there are individual tasks that require a specific test environment:

  • Interoperability testing
  • Design validation
  • Pre-conformance testing
  • Conformance testing



The mobile communications and payments world as well as other ecosystems like transport are converging steadily, and the complexity of this wider mobile ecosystem is increasing constantly. For this reason, the existence of binding rules and specifications becomes evermore crucial, especially for testing needs.

Certification bodies who define the relevant test specifications of handsets, terminals, readers, tags, and (e)UICCs are:

It is the aim of conformance testing to make sure that a device or a system conforms to the requirements of a specification, international standard, or regulation. The basic idea behind this is that devices passing the relevant conformance tests will more likely interact with other components in an accurate and reliable way.

Over a long time, COMPRION has been working closely with dedicated standardization and certification bodies like GCF/PTCRB, NFC Forum, Global Platform, and EMVCo. This is why we have profound expertise in the definition of test requirements and the specification of the resulting test cases. Whether it concerns test specs, test procedures, or test setups, COMPRION understands all significant aspects of conformance testing and offers the suitable products, so-called certified conformance test platforms.




Comparing COMPRION Conformance Test Systems

Test Solutions All-In-One EMVCo L1 Analog NFC Forum Analog GSMA SGP.23 RSP
PICC Analog Test Solution from COMPRION for EMVCo Level 1 approvals NFC Robot for NFC Forum Analog Testing
Software Device Test Center Device Test Center Device Test Center Connectivity Test Center
Hardware UT³ Platform UT³ Platform & Robot UT³ Platform & Robot -
Validated at
NFC Forum
EMVCo Test Solutions
Contactless analog
Contactless digital
Contact based electrical
Contact based protocol
NFC Forum Test Solutions

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