Consulting Services

Consulting Services
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At COMPRION we see us as partners of our customers before but also after sales. We create comprehensive, multi-functional, yet easy-to-use and intuitive test solutions. However, there will be situations when customers just need this extra bit of support. In that case, our great expertise might make the difference. Good news: we are happy to share it with you. We offer to consult you with regard to certain technologies or tools, for example, when you are preparing the certification of your test cases and need help by test logs interpretation.

Debugging and Analysis Support

Debugging and Analysis Support

Are you running a test plan and could use a little help to understand the results better? Then you could either come to our lab or just send your implementation under test to us. Jointly, we can analyze test results and potentially re-run them until they really make sense to you. Finally, professional reports would of course be prepared allowing you to communicate the results.

Hire an Expert

Hire an Expert

Are you looking for expert advice? In many cases we have the knowledge and ability to help you with our technical expertise. And be sure that our experts are eager to help you cracking even the toughest nuts.

Technology Training

Technology Training

Do you need more than our regular training to feel confident about the actual technology, or do you perhaps want to learn some extra tricks when working with our test solutions? We offer in-depth training and individual hands-on experiences with our test tools. We would be happy to take the first steps on your project together, boosting your performance on both theoretical knowledge and practical implementation.

Possible Scenario

Your consulting session may consist of

  • Setting up the test equipment
  • Configuring the test equipment
  • Configuring the tested object
  • Running dedicated test cases
  • Discussing and explaining the test results
  • Final report

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